Do you go to networking events but find it really daunting when it's your turn to introduce yourself to your table or, even worse, stand up and address the room?

Do you stumble over your introduction, even if you've practised and practised it?

Do you wish there was someone else to do your introduction for your?

Well, worry no more! Whether you're new to networking or a seasoned professional, I have a workshop for you.

The cost is purposefully affordable for even the newest business as I'm a firm believer that networking is the best way to get new connections, build trust and show how you can help others.

The workshops can either be delivered in-house or in a group of different businesses and can be tailored for you and what you want out of your networking.

To talk about how this training could help and support you in your business please get in touch now.

Judith Kenyon, Events Director (and very experienced networker!)


Networking training
Networking training JK Business Club

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