So as we start a new month, there is a new venture in the air for me and my husband.

My husband Pete has been a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club for a number of years, and has been the owner of many a motorhome, with the current one being a 1995 Hymer affectionately known as 'Bertha'.

She's a big girl, but I've come to love the freedom of owning her.

When I met Pete he was studying for a Masters degree at Kingston on Thames, Surrey, and was living in Bertha at a local campsite as the rental prices in Kingston were exorbitant.

I found it all a bit strange, living in a tin can, using communal facilities and drinking and eating using plastic utensils. But as time has gone on I've come to love the freedom of owning her.

The spring of this year, Pete talked about selling Bertha to get something a bit smaller that would be easier to store, easier to drive around and cheaper to run. So what has he come up with?... the exact opposite! Pete is buying an amazing American 'Bigfoot' R.V. (recreational vehicle). It is an incredible machine and I can't wait for our first trip away in him (this one is definitely not a female!)

But what is our new venture?

An R.V. is not a cheap vehicle to run/insure/store so we have been looking into what business we could create using Bigfoot. The first idea was to run accompanied tours of the stunning English countryside for visiting tourists. Pete would create an itinerary to cover a week and drive the clients in the R.V., so the accommodation was forever close to hand.

However, closer investigation showed that this is a very difficult idea to put into practise because of insurance, licences, vehicle requirements that tour operator businesses need.

BUT, it has come to light that using the vehicle as a unique and unusual wedding vehicle doesn't require nearly as many 'boxes ticking' to put the plan into action. As an event organiser, I have many ideas as to how to market our new business as well as contacts to get in touch with to see if we can collaborate.

This is the first blog of many, as we bring the R.V. to life in our family, take many trips to explore this beautiful country of ours and move forward with our new business idea... who wouldn't love being taken from church to venue and served chilled champagne in such an unusual vehicle that could house the whole wedding party!

Watch this space as the plans move forward...

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