Every month when we meet for Netwalk Your Network the sun never fails to come out, and June was no different.

I was very excited that we were fully booked a week before the event took place on Wednesday 21 June. With this being just the 5th Netwalk meeting, it says a lot for its popularity that we are turning people away now... except we never do, we just bust our maximum number of 20 people.

We did have some unfortunate news 24 hours before the meeting as our guest speaker was taken ill and unable to come. But joint organiser Ali Wheeler from Feelgood and myself have more than enough to say to fill in an unexpected speaker slot with very little notice.

We had our open networking session in the beautiful Cheshire sunshine and set off for the walk on time. Ali talked about the benefits of networking in the open air, how we all have to concentrate more when walking and talking as we can't take notes and have to pay attention. She also commented on how lucky we all were to have the forest as our place of business for the next couple of hours.

One thing I've learnt about networking is that it's not just about the business connections that are made, it's the feelings that everyone leaves the meeting with. For myself, I'm always very eager to get home and thank everyone for coming and send out the invite for the next meeting so we can keep the momentum going.

We have a really good mix of businesses at the Netwalk, ranging from corporates to sole traders to artists. Everyone has something to offer to everyone else, and the fact that we carry on the networking on our private Facebook page is an added bonus to our attendees.

Netwalk Your Network meets on the third Wednesday of every month (except August) and our next meeting is on Wednesday 19 July at Delamere Forest with Andrew Collier Photography as our guest speaker. We come back after the summer break on Wednesday 20 September with Clare Collins-Doyle from ProTravelAgent as guest speaker.

To book your place please email judith.kenyon@jaykayevents.co.uk

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